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Wonders of Homoepathy Details

Case of Smt. R.M., 22 yrs female consulted for the treatment of

above condition along with prolapsed uterus. During consultation on dated 2nd September 2006, she was pregnant. Pregnancy of 7th month. She had a male child of approximately two yrs old, means when she again pregnant, first child was one year & five months of age. Surgeons advised her for so early pregnancy as they (surgeons) were going for HYSTECTOMY after delivery of child.

Following complaints she had:-

  1. Vaginal Discharge (Leucorrhea) since two years, after parturition. Earlier constantdischarge now at the time of consultation vaginal discharge paroxysmal with marked weakness. Nausea with leucorrhea. Pain inguinal with leucorrhea. Appetite diminished with leucorrhea.
  2. Losses flesh since two years after parturition. Normally a women gain weight after parturition.
  3. Nausea at sight of food since one & half month.
  4. Nausea & vomiting riding in carriage since childhood.
  5. Myopia since two years. Lachrymation eye straining.
  6. Migraine since four years. One sided headache with nausea. Headache from odors, anxiety, riding, sleep disturbed, night watching, noises, fasting, cold air, sun heat in summer.
  7. Hair falling since two years after parturition.
  8. Burning epigastrium since two months < tea drinking & fried eating.
  9. Constipation since childhood. Passes stool anytime per day, sometime after one day. Unsatisfactory stool, must strain.
  10. Bearing down pain since two years after parturition. Prolapsed uterus with Pruritus vulvae, backache, frequency of micturation
  11. Pain calves since two years after parturition < after walking < after exertion > rest & pressure.
  12. Itching Eruptions generalized since ten days. Took A/T & gets better.
  13. Weakness with bodyache since two years after parturition pressure.


H/O Enteric fever relapsing seven years back. Took A/T.

H/O Punctured Injury left leg three years & seven years back. Suturing done with A/T.


Sleep : - Sleepiness alternates with insomnia.

Dreams : - Unremembered

Appetite : - Diminished due to nausea at sight of food.

Thirst : - Normal.

Perspiration: - Normal

Stool : - Hard then soft, Offensive.

Urine : - Burning before urination > during & after urination.

Desires : - Spicy, Salty.

Aversions : -Legumes

Thermal : - Sensitive to both heat & cold.


Domination of in laws after marriage.

Suicidal Thoughts.



Grief of Mother s death


Horrible things sad stories affect her profoundly.


Menarche age 17th year. Ceased for three months after 1st appearance. Cycle 8-9 days/30 days. Normal flow without any other complaint.

After parturition: -

Cycle 3-4 days/ 15 days.

Dysmenorrhea with nausea & vomiting.


Bronchial Asthma & Cholilithiasis (Grand Mother)

Hypertension (Father)


Uterine disease appears because of following factors: -

1. Menarche delayed.

2. Cessation of menses after first appearance.

3. Childhood complaint of constipation.

4. Her extreme sensitive nature.

5. Domination, Grief, Suicidal Thoughts, Humiliation contribute to increase disease to such an extent of HYSTECTOMY after parturition.


Considering above rubrics following repertorization done & in repertorization table remedy appeared covering all rubrics NATRUM MURIATICUM & IGNATIA.


This case is poly miasmatic disorder. Inflammation is of Psoric miasm. Prolapsed uterus because of breakage of muscular supports of uterus means degeneration. Degeneration is Syphilitic miasm. Dominating miasm is Syphilitic so starting potency decided 200. NATRUM MURIATICUM 200*1 DOSE prescribed on dated 02-09-2006 followed by placebo tds from next day.


12-09-06 APPETITE INCREASED & NAUEA GETS BETTER. Placebo tds continuous.


Took A/T hormonal during delivery which interfere with action of remedy so decided to repeat NATRUM MURIATICUM 200*1DOSE followed by Placebo tds from next day.


20-10-06 Coryza appeared & gets better after placebo prescription as SOS.

25-10-06 Bleeding uterine painful. Placebo tds and as SOS continuous.

12-11-2006 Sleep better. Pains better. Appetite Better. Nausea better. Bearing down pain better. Discharge vagina better. Urine burning better. Backache persisting. . Placebo tds continuous.

07-12-2006 Peeling off of skin around nails of hand. Backache persisting with slight vaginal discharge. Placebo tds continuous.

10-12-2006 Pain left side abdomen on sitting. Pain throat right sided on swallowing. Skin around nails gets better. Placebo tds continuous.

16-12-2006 Pain abdomen better. Pain throat right better. Placebo tds continuous.

24-12-2006 Start Gaining Weight. Constipation better. Now passes stool daily morning on waking. Backache & pain neck. Discharge vagina & bearing down pain better.

18-01-2007 Frequent, unsatisfactory urine. Vaginal discharge with backache. Bodyache. Appetite reduced with nausea. Hair falling which earlier gets better again started. Symptoms relapsing means 200 potency exhausted. NATRUM MURIATICUM 1000*1DOSE prescribed followed by Placebo tds from next day.

30-01-2007 Urine frequency and urgency gets better. Vaginal discharge with backache better. Appetite increased. Nausea better. Hair falling better. Bodyache better. Itching whole body appeared and gets better. Fever for 24 hours occurred and gets better. Placebo tds prescribed for one month as patient shifting her native place NEPAL.

09-11-2007 Looking healthy and fleshy. All her complaints better. Advised Ultrasonography for confirmation of uterine condition. Placebo tds for three months. NATRUM MURIATICUM 10M*1 DOSE as SOS prescribed with advise to take whenever leucorrhea with backache relapse.

28-05-2009 Feeling better regarding prolapsed uterus, vaginal discharge, backache, sleep, stool, urine habit, migraine, hair falling, menses regular & painless, and pains. Ultrasonography dated 12-06-2009 shows NORMAL STUDY (Photocopy enclosed).

07-07-2009 Case closed with best wishes. God Bless her. No need of HYSTECTOMY.

Comments & Suggestions invited respectfully.

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